August 2017

How to Take Better Control of your Tire & Auto Services Shop Floor

How to take better control of your tire and auto services shop

You have multiple service bays, service writers, and technicians. You also have customers that drive in to your shop without an appointment. Whether they need a quick fix or a complete overhaul, they want your prompt response. How do you manage bays and workflow so every day doesn’t feel like a juggling act?

Best practices for managing multiple bays include:

  • Schedule/reschedule customer appointments with an appointment calendar where you can assign the date, time, personnel and bay
  • Use the customer appointment information to automatically generate tickets when the customer arrives
  • Track progress of each job in your shop on your computer display, so you have an overall view of where things stand. Then you can assign a status to each work order and update it as needed
  • See when work is supposed to be done, decide which jobs need to be done first and which ones can wait. Reprioritize your team on the fly to meet the needs of your key customers
  • Stay in touch with customers on their job status with texting done right from your desktop

Software designed specifically for tire and auto service shops should have a built-in shop floor management system. That will help you schedule appointments, manage bays, and track the progress of orders. Without that, count on chaos. One seamless tire shop software can provide all the functionality you need, so double entry of data is no longer required. Inventory from one site will be visible to the next, so you can transfer parts and tires between locations easily and efficiently. Appointments will be tracked in an orderly fashion. Customers will get the service they are promised on time and without hassle.

Want more? Download a copy of 14 Tips for Choosing Software and start thinking about how the right tire software can help you spend less time on manual and time-consuming business processes like scheduling and managing workload, freeing up more time to grow your business.