October 2023

Why are Emailed Statements Necessary for Tire and Auto Repair Shops

In today's digital age, tire dealers have a unique opportunity to leverage technology and improve their accounts receivable collection efforts. By adopting the practice of emailed statements, tire dealers can not only enhance their collection efforts but also boost their cash flow.

In addition to streamlining financial processes, emailed statements can also enhance the customer experience and optimize business operations. Here’s how:

Enhanced Transparency: By sending statements via email, a transparent log of every transaction could be made between your dealership and customers. Your customers will be able to quickly review their purchases, payments, and any outstanding balance.

Ensuring Timeliness: Emailed statements can be promptly sent after a transaction or regularly, such as monthly. This practice guarantees that your customers receive the most current information about their accounts, enabling them to stay well-informed about their financial obligations.

Cost-Efficiency: Sending statements via email is a smart choice when it comes to saving money, especially when compared to the expenses of printing and mailing physical statements. Not only does it help reduce paper waste, but it also cuts down on postage and administrative costs, enabling your tire and repair business to operate efficiently.

Keeping Records: You and your customer can effortlessly access emailed statements to maintain accurate records. This can be immensely useful when it comes to tax reporting, warranty claims, or resolving any potential disputes.

Minimizing Errors: By sending statements directly to the customer's email inbox, the risk of errors associated with physical mail, such as documents getting lost in transit or delivered to the wrong address is significantly reduced.

In addition to statements, ASA’s tire shop software offers the convenience of sending various documents via email. You can easily send work orders, invoices, quotes/estimates, ROAs, purchase orders, receiving documents, and vendor invoice documents to your customers. These documents are automatically converted into the portable document format (PDF) when emailed.

Give us a shout-out! We'd be happy to assess your unique business requirements and engage in a discussion about how you can optimize your financial process and elevate your customer experience by leveraging email communication.