April 2021

Your Tire Store Should Have Automatic Texting (SMS) Capabilities

Smartphones are everywhere, and these days it is not uncommon to see someone walking down the street, eyes glued to their phone, and scrolling away. With everyone on their phones, text messaging is one of the best ways to reach out to your customers and stay in touch. With an ASA-powered SMS messaging system with TireMaster, you can provide your customers with better service and make the tire purchasing process easier for them.

A Pew Research Center study found that 96% of Americans own a cell phone of some kind, with a slightly lower number of people owning smartphones. This staggering number illustrates just how much potential text messaging offers to tire businesses, both large and small. Especially considering that most text messages are opened and read within minutes of receiving them.

Despite the potential, many independent tire stores may not use this communication tool because setting up automatic SMS messaging capabilities can be time-consuming, time that you’d rather spend growing your business. Additionally, maintaining these capabilities with up-to-date customer information can be a nightmare you may not want to deal with.

TireMaster from ASA Has the Answer

TireMaster, the industry-leading software from ASA, can be tailored to fit any requirement your tire business needs. Including a custom-designed SMS messaging system for keeping in touch with your customers. Our industry-leading software approaches the tire business from an enterprise management perspective, meaning that every piece of customer information can be used strategically to help your tire business run efficiently - including texting your customers.

Advantages of an ASA-Powered SMS Messaging System for TireMaster

With an ASA-powered SMS messaging system with TireMaster, your tire business has many digital advantages including:

  • Reduced number of no-shows because customers are reminded of when their appointment is
  • Alerts to your customers informing them that their tires have been changed and their car is ready for pickup
  • Reminders for when it’s time to purchase new tires, address maintenance schedules and declined services, or when it’s time to consider other services you may offer

A Must-Have Customer Service Tool

An ASA-powered SMS messaging system with TireMaster software is a must-have customer service tool. Sending customers promotions with a text message will help turn them into repeat customers. In sending a text, your customers will feel connected to you and that your tire business is there to help. Since texting is convenient and rarely viewed as intrusive, it’s an excellent way to help customers remember they need to stay on a tire maintenance schedule. The ASA-powered SMS messaging system with TireMaster will save you money by better managing labor costs because this system can act like a front-desk clerk, allowing your employees to focus on the customers in the store, and not on the phones.

Closing Thoughts

When you choose to utilize an ASA-powered SMS messaging system with TireMaster, you can spend time growing your tire business without worrying that it’s running correctly. You’ll increase your current customer base while also maintaining relationships with your repeat customers as they come back for their new tires and other maintenance services. Contact us today to see other ways you can streamline your business operations and increase your customer service.