CornerStone Product Options

Point-of-sale, customer and vendor management system for an independent Bridgestone dealer | Cornerstone Powered by ASAThe following interfaces and modules are available for the CornerStone system:

Bridgestone and Firestone National Accounts Interfaces
This module, unique to the CornerStone system, interfaces directly into the Bridgestone’s Automated Delivery Receipt System (ADRS) and Firestone’s National Accounts System (FNA). By prompting employees for accurate information at the point of sale, these interfaces reduce the number of rejected claims and the amount of work required for submissions and account maintenance.

Product Features

  • Prompts for accurate information at the point of sale.
  • Submits claims electronically for sales to national accounts, government agencies and other customers with purchasing agreements.
  • Automatically reconciles credits received for sales.
  • Maintains an updated list of National Account customers.

National Account Processing
Duration - 1:13 seconds


Your Business Benefits

  • Receive your money for national account sales faster.
  • Increase the accuracy of your books.
  • Deal with less paperwork.
  • Spend less time on national account maintenance

Bridgestone Electronic Inventory Replenishment (EIR)
With this interface, the CornerStone system automatically:

Bridgestone Electronic Inventory Replenishment (EIR) | CornerStone by ASA | Software for Bridgestone & Firestone dealers

  • Generates modifiable purchase orders based on preset stocking levels.
  • Loads advanced ship notices (ASNs) when orders leave the warehouse to simplify receiving and pricing.

Electronic Inventory Replenishment

Duration - 1:11 seconds

Bridgestone Product Management (BPM)
Managing the SKUs of Bridgestone/Firestone Family of Products is easy with CornerStone – you can:

Bridgestone Product Management (BPM) | CornerStone by ASA | Software for Bridgestone & Firestone dealers

  • Add new items.
  • Update existing items.
  • Mark items as discontinued.

Bridgestone Product Management

Duration - 1:10 seconds


Bridgestone Driving Force Claim (DFC)

Bridgestone Driving Force Claim (DFC) employee setup | CornerStone by ASA| Software for Bridgestone & Firestone dealersStay on top of latest tire technology, brand strategy and new products by completing the Driving Force education requirements and become a certified ProCert Tire Specialist.

Driving Force Claim Reporting

Duration - 0:33 seconds

Only with CornerStone can you electronically:

  • Register your ProCert Tire Specialists for DFC program.
  • Submit claims for sales of eligible Bridgestone and Firestone tires and receive your Driving Force payouts quicker than printing and faxing.

CFNA Credit Card Processing by Merchant Partners
With no extra terminals, printers or phone lines necessary, this module of CornerStone:

  • Seamlessly handles processing of the four major credit cards and variety of industry-specific cards (including Voyager, Bridgestone and Firestone).
  • Prints card authorization

Firestone Credit Card Processing

Duration - 1:03 seconds