Manage multiple stores with one tire auto software solution from ASA

Multi-Site Problems

If you manage multiple stores you know how difficult it can be to accurately monitor and track sales and inventory between your tire and auto service shops. Can you generate timely business reports from a single corporate location for all your tire and auto service businesses, including retail and commercial sites, wholesale and online?

Does it take a calculator and many hours of your time to pull together common business metrics such as:

  • Margins on each job
  • Revenue per sales rep
  • Profits by product line

for each store, as well as for your business as a whole? Or do you just not have this key visibility into your business on a regular basis?

One Software Solution

Imagine if you could handle all your POS, Accounting, and Inventory for each store from a corporate location with "All-in-One" software developed specifically for multi-store tire and auto services businesses like yours.

That's the kind of business control and convenience you get with TireMaster GTX®.

Manage Multiple Stores

TireMaster GTX is the first all-in-one business software for the tire and auto services industry with centralized accounting, localized POS and in-depth reporting. TireMaster GTX makes it easy to manage multiple stores. Because it was designed for multi-site operations, you'll have real-time visibility into how your company is doing as a whole. At the same time, TireMaster GTX also provides you with the tools you need to drill down into your individual locations, specific promotions and products to better manage profitability.

With TireMaster GTX, you can also:

  • Reduce back-office costs by consolidating accounting at a single, corporate location
  • Increase visibility and control by monitoring local shop purchases, sales, pricing and inventory levels from your main office
  • Improve performance with in-depth reporting and store vs. store metrics
  • Enhance customer service by managing customer, vehicle history and customer loyalty / rewards programs across locations...and more

Ready to see how TireMaster GTX enables you to monitor, manage and control your business from a single location while helping your business grow?  Request a consultation now and have our product specialists contact you.