Point of Sale

Provide superb service and drum up more business. The point of sale tools in ASA TireMaster provide you with useful information, selling opportunities, and the ability to impress your customers.

Quotes and Estimates

Provide professional quotes and estimates for your customers quickly and easily using TireMaster's flexible quoting and estimating features. Access an extensive parts and labor catalog, check service intervals and access vehicle specifications to create accurate quotes and upsell opportunities. With TireMaster, you can also easily turn your quotes and estimates into work orders and final sale invoices.

Learn more about our Quoting and Estimating tools.

Inventory Control

What’s in stock? Ensure that you have the items your customers need with TireMaster’s inventory-management tools. Experience streamlined ordering, simplified physical counts, and easy access to information about the items you sell.

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Additional Point of Sale Features

See customer and vehicle history in TireMaster software

Customer and Vehicle History

Every customer and vehicle has a story. Uncover the facts with TireMaster.

Dig up the past. When your sales and service staff need to know the background for customers and vehicles, this history is close at hand. With ASA TireMaster, you can retrieve transaction details for customers and business accounts. This information includes purchase and payment records, and you can reprint historical invoices.

With ASA TireMaster, you also have a list of every item your shop has ever sold for a vehicle. That’s each tire, part, and service! For a more detailed picture, add CARFAX to access information about work performed elsewhere.

Get declined services reminders with TireMaster software

Declined Services

A previous rejection could be today’s new sale. TireMaster reminds you to try again.

Don’t let opportunities slip away. When customers hold off on recommended services, you can still earn that business.

With ASA TireMaster, a visual indicator makes it easy to see that customers have declined services. This signal gives you a chance to boost today’s sales totals, because you can remind customers about the recommended work and offer to take care of it right away. The declined service indicator remains active until recommended services are sold or removed from the vehicle profile.

Add Carfax to TireMaster software to save time and improve accuracy of vehicle information


You can learn a lot from a plate number. Add CARFAX for improved vehicle information.

Save time and improve the accuracy of vehicle information. Adding CARFAX to ASA TireMaster helps you speed up customer check-ins. Simply enter the license plate number to retrieve the correct year, make, model, and VIN. For your service technicians, CARFAX fills in vehicle history gaps by showing the services performed at other CARFAX member shops.

CARFAX also helps you improve customer loyalty. When you register customers for the myCARFAX mobile app, they’ll receive service reminders that list your store as their favorite shop. With CARFAX, it’s easy to get it right and invite customers back.

Find compatible tires with Fitment Guide in TireMaster software

Fitment Guide

O.E. standard or plus sizing? Add Tire Guide Pro to help you find a match.

Finding compatible tires doesn’t require guesswork. Tire Guide Pro, the fitment reference from Tire Guides Inc. and Pearl Communications, can be added to ASA TireMaster systems.

When you’re ready to look for tires, define the vehicle and choose either the standard size or a plus size option. The fitment guide simplifies the search by filtering out the sizes you don’t want. It also provides useful information for your sales and service teams, including torque, air pressure, wheel, stud, and lug nut specifications.

Get to the know the items you sell a little better with Tire Brands in TireMaster software

Tire Brands

Back up your sales pitch. Show customers what you’re talking about with Tire Brands.

Get to the know the items you sell a little better. Tire Brands reference data from Pearl Communications can be added to ASA TireMaster systems.

With Tire Brands, you can retrieve product details from 40 tire manufacturers directly from your ASA system. Tire Brands offers product images, tread close-ups, specifications, and lists of features and benefits. It’s a great tool for educating both customers and employees.

TireMaster can be connected to CIMS tire registration company to make sure customers get promt tire recall notices

DOT Registration

Do your customers a favor. Add DOT Registration for prompt tire recall notices.

Obeying the tire registration law doesn’t have to be difficult. You can fulfill your obligation to help customers register tires by giving them forms to fill out or links to manufacturer websites, but there’s a better way.

ASA TireMaster can be connected to either TireMetrix or to the CIMS tire registration company. With these links, you enter tire DOT numbers at point of sale. Then those numbers are sent to CIMS electronically, along with the corresponding manufacturer and customer information. With DOT integration, you’re in compliance and your customers can get the information they need if there are recalls.

Add integrated processing to handle card payments from TireMaster software

Credit Card Processing

Be direct. Add integrated processing to handle card payments from TireMaster.

Forget about going back and forth. With integrated credit card processing, you don’t need a separate terminal for handling credit and debit cards. You access the application from your ASA TireMaster system, capture the card information, and complete the invoice. If you need signature capture, that’s available too. With integrated credit card processing, customers leave with a single receipt and quick approval times. Benefits include fewer errors, lower processing fees, PCI compliance, and a more professional image.

ASA offers credit card processing through an agreement with Merchant Partners. The Merchant Partners payment processing application is ideal for tire and automotive shops, because it handles the four major credit cards and a variety of industry-specific cards (including Voyager, Firestone, and Goodyear).


Stay on top of TPMS. Add TPMS Manager to get critical alerts on servicing of vehicles with tire pressure monitoring systems.

With TPMS parts catalog, service data, troubleshooting, live support, vehicle relearns and more, you will have all you need to be great at TPMS. TPMS Manager by TireMetrix can be added to your ASA TireMaster software. You can see what OE sensor came equipped on the vehicle and what aftermarket replacement parts are available based on your selected vendor.

With TPMS Manager integrated directly into your TireMaster software, you’ll have TPMS service data right at your fingertips to get vehicle relearn instructions, aftermarket sensor programming instructions, TPMS tool compatibility notifications and much more.

With TPMS troubleshooting tips and documents, know before you service any TPMS-equipped vehicle of any critical alerts, TSBs or recalls. For more complex issues, you’ll always have live a team of industry experts with over 24 years of automotive and tire repair experience available with Live TPMS Support.