TireMaster Product Support


ASA's support staff is comprised of highly trained analysts with an average tenure of 10 years. Most importantly, our installation consultants know your business, many having worked in the tire and auto services industry themselves. Our analysts have a variety of backgrounds, including IT and financial controllers, and have extensive customer and systems support experience. Count on our experts to understand your software and how it may best be utilized in your business.

TireMaster software from ASA Automotive Systems. Tire dealer and point-of-sale software
Hours of Operation Monday-Friday
6:00 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Mountain Time
Toll-Free Number (800) 891-7437
Telephone (208) 855-0781
Fax: (503) 296-2800
Product Support Web Site: support.tiremaster.com
Need access to the TireMaster Support site? Please contact customer support to obtain your login information.